What are the benefits of attending a HIIT or Circuit Class

What are the Benefits of Attending HIIT and Circuit Training Classes?

What are the Benefits of Attending HIIT and Circuit Training Classes?

Whether you are a well-versed workout machine or completely new to gym-based exercise, you might not be familiar with circuit training and/or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). However, these forms of exercise have become extremely popular in recent years, and for good reason.

Not only do HIIT and circuit classes demand very little of your time, but the exercise physiology targets all areas of your body at once, producing the same results as spending hours on end at the gym or in the swimming pool – and who has time for that these days?!

First, let’s go into a little more detail regarding what a circuit class or HIIT class with a personal trainer entails; and then we will discuss the benefits of attending one!

What is circuit training?

In a nutshell, circuit training involves having the participant rotate their way through numerous “stations”, each of which focuses on a different part of the body. Together, these stations comprise an ideal circuit which improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and muscle endurance.

Perhaps the main advantage to circuit training is that the structure and choice of equipment can be tailored to cater for the participants’ specific needs, without requiring much time or space to set up. Circuit training is also perfect for group exercises, as participants can rotate through the circuit in unison.

What is high-intensity interval training (HIIT)?

As the name suggests; HIIT adopts a “hard and fast” approach to exercise. This makes it the ideal option for busy people with little time for extended workouts. As an example, Foundry Fitness’s HIIT classes last approximately 45 minutes.

However, due to a higher level of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, participants continue burning calories at a higher level than those who engage in more regular exercise like jogging or cycling. It’s also far more engaging for gym-goers who tend to quickly grow bored of monotonous extended workouts (effective though they may be!).

Like circuit training, HIIT targets all areas of the body, engaging participants in high-energy cardio exercises that get your heart rate up. 

Why is exercising in fitness classes beneficial?

There is a whole host of reasons why scheduled group exercises are a good idea. Here are just a few:

  • Access to a qualified fitness professional
  • No pre-planning required on your part… just show up ready to sweat!
  • The camaraderie of a group environment releases more endorphins than a solo workout does
  • Higher motivation due to advanced bookings, social interactions, etc.
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Huge variety in your workout
  • It pushes you to try new things you might not have tried otherwise

As mentioned earlier, group circuit classes and HIIT classes are ideal for busy people who want to work out every part of their body in as little time as possible.

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