Proud to be part of your local community!

Foundry Fitness Supports Local Community

The team at Foundry Fitness are sharing positivity this month! We love seeing our clients using the gym and facilities week after week, and are thrilled to be helping each person achieve their fitness goals. We are spreading the word to our clients and followers on health and fitness, healthy living, and good eating. And most importantly, we are becoming recognised as a local business that supports the local community – which is definitely something we are proud of!

When you support locally owned businesses, everybody benefits. Studies have shown that around 60% of money spent locally stays local, which has positive effects for the community. Here’s a few reasons why Foundry Fitness promotes supporting local business:

A Positive Impact For The Local Economy

For businesses to thrive, money needs to be spent. In our day to day lives, we spend money on shopping, food, entertainment, health and fitness, clothes – the list goes on. When we spend our money on local small businesses, the families behind these businesses are directly benefitted, and the money stays local. This money then goes on to support local sporting groups, community groups, and so forth. On the flip side, if we spend our money with huge multi-national companies, the money is gone and does nothing for our local economy.

Local Business Supports The Economy

Local businesses are owned and operated by the people who live in the community, and as such, they care about and are invested in the wellbeing and the future of their community. Local businesses are more accountable and will often donate to local non-profits, such as helping out with fundraisers by donating goods. Supporting local businesses is also good for the environment because it is proven they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies due to being smaller, and also not travelling as far for getting to work.

Supporting Local Businesses Creates Local Jobs

Most people have to travel to get to work, whether across suburbs, or into the city, or even further. But when small businesses are thriving, more staff are required, more jobs are created, and people are able to stay and work locally. Local workers will mainly choose to shop and dine near their workplace; they will run their errands in local shops, grab lunch or after-work drinks at a local pub or eatery, and choose their sporting and health activities at venues close to where they live and work. Money stays local and the community vibe becomes stronger!

Local Businesses Are The Best For Customer Services

Generally speaking, local businesses put customer experience first. You’ll often find a local business is owned and run by one person or family, and they truly care about their customers and recognise they are vital for the success of their business. You will get more personalised service and staff will go over and above for you, because they want you to keep coming back. Small businesses and local businesses genuinely care about each of their customers.

Foundry Fitness is proud to be part of the local community in Karrinyup, and we are grateful to all our local customers who support us. And in turn, we want to show our support to you! Whatever your health and fitness goals are, our team can help!