School holidays are done…it’s YOUR time now!

Hands up who had “exercise more” as one of their new year’s resolutions? Now, hands up who has given up on this resolution already?! 

We get it, summer holidays are busy with kids at home, family and friends  dropping in, and so many great summer activities to fit in while you can. But  school is back, and lives are getting back into normal routines, so now there’s  no excuse not to be regularly exercising! 

If you want to get your health and fitness right on track in 2022, now is a great  time to get started, and here’s some tips to get you going. 


We all have busy lives, especially when we are parents of school aged kids.  When planning your weekly schedules of kids after school activities,  appointments, work and family commitments, schedule in your exercise too.  Remember that your local gym is open 24 hours in a day, so schedule in a  time that suits you and your family and stick to it! 


Group fitness classes are a great addition to your workouts and can keep  your fitness on track. If you have found yourself going to the gym and then  wondering what to do, a class is what you need. Once you have booked in,  you know exactly when and where you need to be, and it becomes an  automatic part of your routine. Classes are great for fitness, are a lot of fun,  and you can easily do them with a friend to make it a social time too!  


Fitness and health go hand in hand, and you want to make sure you are  giving your body all the nutrition it needs to keep up with your exercise. There  are great apps around where you can keep a food diary so that you know  you’re getting what you need, and of course if your goal is weight loss, then a  food diary is also great in tracking calories. 


If you are new to a gym, or heading back after a break, why not try  something different. If you’ve never ventured far away from the treadmill,  make 2022 your year to get into weight training. Or if you’re already used to  weights but think you could do with some cardio, get into some HIIT action.  Speak to the trainers at the gym and get their advice, and spice it up to keep  things interesting and to stay motivated! 


When life gets busy, DON’T STOP your regular exercise because you think you  don’t have time for it. If you’re not seeing results straight away, DON’T QUIT. Exercising for strength, fitness and overall health is a commitment, and the  best way to benefit is just by keeping it up. So don’t give up. Find something  or someone to motivate you. Set yourself smaller goals and celebrate when  you achieve them. Remember that other things can wait, and that you  deserve to spend time on yourself. When next summer comes around and  you are stronger, fitter, and healthier, you’ll be glad you didn’t give up! 


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