No more EXCUSES!

How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll get to the gym tomorrow”, only to find that life gets in the way?!

Make March your “no more excuses” month and get active! Foundry Fitness is your local gym in Karrinyup, and is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for even those who “haven’t got the time to go”.

If you are a busy working parent, we have the solution for you. Read on for the Foundry Fitness workout week for those who don’t have time!


Everybody says they will start their new routine on a Monday, so make this Monday your day to start! Mondays can be hectic, so focus on getting the kids to school and work out of the way; then stop in at Foundry Fitness on the way home from work. Spend your time on the treadmill and unwind from your busy day. Walking is good, jogging is better, but maybe aim to get into a run to really get the heart pumping!


You’ll still be feeling good after yesterday’s session and you’re ready to go again today! Eat well during the day and drink plenty of water. Got kids’ activities after school that you need to take them to? That’s ok – Foundry Fitness is open 24 hours a day. Plan to come later in the evening for your workout. Make Tuesday weights day and start strengthening!


By now you’re feeling proud of yourself after exercising two days in a row, and it’d be easy to give yourself a day off. But don’t stop now! Wednesday is a great day to join in on a class. Get into our Circuit Class which runs Wednesdays 5.45-6.30pm. This class is easy to follow for all levels of ability, and being part of the class is an awesome way to keep you motivated and get past that mid-week hump!


Thursday comes around quickly, and you may be questioning your motivation again. Try to remember how much you got out of the class you did on Wednesday and plan to do another today! Thursdays is Strength and Conditioning class which is on from 5.45-6.30pm at Foundry Fitness. You’ll get so much out of this one and will leave feeling pumped and ready for the weekend!


It’s easy to feel exhausted on a Friday after a week of working, doing school runs, managing the housework etc. Why not take it a bit easier on Friday with a short cardio session on the treadmill or bikes. Go to the gym on your way home from work, or even try to fit it in to your lunch break. Then you’re ready to relax on Friday night knowing you’ve done the best you can for your health and fitness this week!

Young attractive woman cleaning kitchen with detergent in rubber gloves. Concept of house cleaning.


What’s the best way to start the weekend? An early Circuit Class at Foundry Fitness! It’s a quick 45-minute session starting at 7am, so you’ll be out the door by 8 and ready to enjoy your weekend.

And on Sunday, take a well-deserved rest!  


Foundry Fitness is Karrinyup’s BEST local gym, family owned and operated, and proud to welcome new members. Foundry Fitness is the only gym in Karrinyup that is open to members 24/7, and small group training classes, the best state-of-the-art equipment, and the best trainers in Perth. 

Visit and sign up for your free 7-day trial!